NAMI is a new player on the market. However, its first model, the BURN-E Viper, proved that it is technically able to achieve things previously reserved only for Minimotors. Thanks to the most advanced control panel on the market, this gem’s engine and battery is programmable in every aspect! BURN-E is a unique scooter also in terms of parameters and riding experience. We are convinced that together with adding new models to the offer, NAMI will permanently find a home in the hearts of electric scooter fans around the world.
The absolute and undisputed number one in the world. It’s a brand belonging to Korean company Minimotors, present on the market since…1999! Today Minimotors is the most famous e-scooter manufacturer all around the world, it’s associated with the highest quality and stunning performance. The company regularly adds at least one absolute hit to its offer each year. All the madness for strong scooters began with Dualtron and their Ultra model, which will forever remain a legend. Scooters which followed made the competition unable to get a break to this day. Models such as Spider, Thunder, Storm, X are Champions League scooters.
Kaabo began its adventure with the production of e-scooters from the model called Wolf Warrior. It was a bull’s eye. Thousands of buyers around the world were quickly drawn to this scooter. To this day they remain Kaabo fans and Wolf is still one of the best-selling premium scooters in the world. The next models came after Wolf and in our opinion they are more and more interesting. The company invests a lot in research and development, and it uses the best components on the market to produce its scooters, for example taking control panels and electronics produced by the world leader in this industry, Minimotors.

As with Minimotors, the Chinese company Kaabo also has a separate brand of scooters with slightly weaker parameters. Skywalker scooters are also meant for urban riding rather than off-road trips. Kaabo offers a very wide range of Skywalker models with various engines and batteries parameters, so that every e-scooter fan can choose something for themselves, regardless of the size of their wallet and experience in riding this type of vehicle.