NAMI is a new player on the market. However, its first model, the BURN-E Viper, proved that it is technically able to achieve things previously reserved only for Minimotors. Thanks to the most advanced control panel on the market, this gem’s engine and battery is programmable in every aspect! BURN-E is a unique scooter also in terms of parameters and riding experience. We are convinced that together with adding new models to the offer, NAMI will permanently find a home in the hearts of electric scooter fans around the world.
The absolute and undisputed number one in the world. It’s a brand belonging to Korean company Minimotors, present on the market since…1999! Today Minimotors is the most famous e-scooter manufacturer all around the world, it’s associated with the highest quality and stunning performance. The company regularly adds at least one absolute hit to its offer each year. All the madness for strong scooters began with Dualtron and their Ultra model, which will forever remain a legend. Scooters which followed made the competition unable to get a break to this day. Models such as Spider, Thunder, Storm, X are Champions League scooters.
Speedway is also a part of the Minimotors concern. It is a smaller brother of Dualtron and its scooters are more compact, definitely better suited for the city. However, people who suspect that Speedway models lack power couldn’t be more wrong. Yes, they are designed for urban riding, but they are not afraid of steep hills or difficult surfaces. In Speedway Mini very compact size goes hand in hand with truly extraordinary riding dynamics and performance.
This is the first compact e-scooter ever with such outstanding combination of features.
Kaabo began its adventure with the production of e-scooters from the model called Wolf Warrior. It was a bull’s eye. Thousands of buyers around the world were quickly drawn to this scooter. To this day they remain Kaabo fans and Wolf is still one of the best-selling premium scooters in the world. The next models came after Wolf and in our opinion they are more and more interesting. The company invests a lot in research and development, and it uses the best components on the market to produce its scooters, for example taking control panels and electronics produced by the world leader in this industry, Minimotors.

As with Minimotors, the Chinese company Kaabo also has a separate brand of scooters with slightly weaker parameters. Skywalker scooters are also meant for urban riding rather than off-road trips. Kaabo offers a very wide range of Skywalker models with various engines and batteries parameters, so that every e-scooter fan can choose something for themselves, regardless of the size of their wallet and experience in riding this type of vehicle.

A relatively young company from China that we have been closely watching for several years. We decided that it is matured enough in terms of technology and products and their designs are heading in such a good direction that we have added Ultrons to our offer. It has proved to be from the very beginning a perfect product / market fit in Central Europe. A dream offer for people looking for e-scooters ensuring both very good performance and a price that’s clearly lower than other aces on the market, such as Dualtron and Kaabo. Ultron is systematically catching up to the world leaders, the best proof of that are the latest models from their stable, i.e. the Ultron X2 and X3.
Hero Rider is a company from Singapore. This Asian tiger was once one of the world’s largest buyers of Dualtron electric scooters. The popularity of top vehicles among Singaporeans has resulted in the creation of several brands that are becoming bolder in world markets. Hero is one of these brands. The company with an experienced team of engineers started off with typically urban models of electric scooters, i.e. S8 and S9, and has recently added more crazy models, i.e. X8 and S10. Interesting design as well as a practical and solid structure is what makes Hero so unique.
Classic scooters from Switzerland. They are perfectly known all over the world and appreciated for their top quality. Micro offers three-wheeled scooters for the youngest children, which greatly develop their motor skills, scooters for older children or teenagers and scooters for adults. Several dozen models in total, often with an abundance of color versions.
Particular scooters are meant for different age groups, but they all have a few things in common – the materials used in production are extensively tested until proved to be 100% safe, their design is well thought out and their build quality is flawless.
A company from Latvia that takes European markets by storm. Because their scooters’ value for money is very good, its popularity is rapidly growing. Their city scooters are very solid and they easily handle all kinds of surfaces. In addition, these scooters are equipped with Rideoo’s patented innovative and reliable folding system that allows you to fold and unfold the scooter in the blink of an eye. Rideoo also plans to create a line of stunt scooters for beginner riders.
MGP knows that every gram counts, which is why their scooters are incredibly light and extremely durable at the same time. The Australian manufacturer, present on the market since 2002, meticulously creates its products with often use of innovative technologies. MGP is designed for ambitious teenagers who have to answer a very important question before they start their adventure with stunt scooters: are you Madd enough? In MGP’s case, the brand’s power is truly unique and any store that adds these products to their offer will quickly find out about it.
Contrary to the manufacturer’s name, it’s safe to say that the Longway Stunt Scooter is offering a short way to becoming a pro! This German manufacturer’s offer is suitable both for people who are beginning their adventure with stunt scooters and for professionals who value the highest quality, no matter the price. What’s more, it’s the only brand on the stunt scooter market that has its own factory and manufactures all the stunt scooters’ components in one place. This explains their remarkable market success and the huge demand for these scooters.
A brand chosen by the winners! It is not our opinion – it’s a fact. The last World Championship (organized by the International Scooter Association – ISA) was held in 2019 and the winner was Jonmarco Gaydos who rode… of course, a Lucky scooter. In his heyday, absolute top rider named Dakota Schuetz was associated with Lucky (he won the World Cup on a Lucky scooter in 2012, 2013 and 2014). Since the best ones ride these stunt scooters and win world-class competitions… is there something else needed to be said?